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 ===== Serena: A wearable to combat anxiety and induce calm ===== ===== Serena: A wearable to combat anxiety and induce calm =====
-==== Third prototype ====+==== Update: ​Third prototype ==== 
 +In the third prototype, I wanted to focus more on the aesthetics of the inflatable and incorporate it into clothing along with the sensing belt. Therefore I purchased a stretchy vest that had an under part to support the breasts. I attached the sensing belt to this under part, and the inflatable to the bottom of the outside part of the vest, as you can see below. For the inflatable, I used flock heat transfer vinyl which has a soft, velvety feel - giving the prototype a more comforting and finished feeling. I also designed an entirely new pattern for the inflatable, which was more aesthetically pleasing than the previous prototype. The electronics and the rest of the prototype remains the same. This third prototype was completed in July 2018.
 {{:​fabricademy2017:​students:​cheung:​final_project_-_vest_proto:​front_-_not_inflated_sm.jpg?​nolink&​560x593|front_-_not_inflated_sm.jpg}}{{:​fabricademy2017:​students:​cheung:​final_project_-_vest_proto:​front_-_inflated_-_sm.jpg?​nolink&​500x593|front_-_inflated_-_sm.jpg}} {{:​fabricademy2017:​students:​cheung:​final_project_-_vest_proto:​front_-_not_inflated_sm.jpg?​nolink&​560x593|front_-_not_inflated_sm.jpg}}{{:​fabricademy2017:​students:​cheung:​final_project_-_vest_proto:​front_-_inflated_-_sm.jpg?​nolink&​500x593|front_-_inflated_-_sm.jpg}}
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 ==== Second prototype ==== ==== Second prototype ====
 +Here is the second prototype completed in March 2018. Below the images, you can read about the entire making process of this prototype.
 {{:​fabricademy2017:​students:​cheung:​final_project_2nd_proto:​final_-_worn_on_body_close_up.jpg?​nolink&​600x450|final_-_worn_on_body_close_up.jpg}}{{:​fabricademy2017:​students:​cheung:​final_project_2nd_proto:​final_-_worn_on_body.jpg?​nolink&​337x450|final_-_worn_on_body.jpg}} {{:​fabricademy2017:​students:​cheung:​final_project_2nd_proto:​final_-_worn_on_body_close_up.jpg?​nolink&​600x450|final_-_worn_on_body_close_up.jpg}}{{:​fabricademy2017:​students:​cheung:​final_project_2nd_proto:​final_-_worn_on_body.jpg?​nolink&​337x450|final_-_worn_on_body.jpg}}