Slicing & Laser Cutting

After completing the 3D model, I downloaded another free program, Slicer for Fusion 360, to create the slices for the waffle structure of the mannequin. The program can be used standalone without Fusion 360 to create slices of 3D models made on other programs. I exported my 3D model from Mesh Mixer in .stl and opened it in Slicer for Fusion 360. I had some issues saving the model in such a way that it would be in the correct vertical position, but ultimately I made it :)


Together with Oscar, I decided to create a radial waffle stucture, as it looked more interesting than the “normal” stacked or interlocked slices. I went for 11 horizontal slices and 15 vertical slices, which seem to allow the design of a mannequin that will look accurate enough without excessive weight and material usage. We used MDF 3 mm thick to cut the slices.