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I want to see possibilities of textile for molding. My idea is to use concrete create amorphous spaces. I do not wanna use any molding technique. I just wanna create a repetitive surface to see what is gonna be happen.



Since architectural school ı had always curiosity about Minimal surfaces. I modeled before a gyroid minimal surface which seems really easy to me.


There is also my research links of minimal surfaces.:[1].pdf

And here is the wonderful link of Alan H. Schoen.

For Alan H. Schoen, Gyroid minimal surfaces which contains the only surface free of transverse self-intersections.

I followed this Youtube tutorial. Basically, you have to create a box and delete 3 of the surface 6 out of it. And stretch these 3 surfaces from their middle point.


ı decided to mimic his actions in real life.

  • Create a box from wood (Structure)
  • Cut a textile ( Surface)
  • Stretch fabric from middle points and connect them with structure.
  • Duplicate them 8 times.


The surface should be flexible. That's why ı used latex fabric for the surface. So there is a certain rule for the create a surface.

If a box has got 6 surfaces you should reduce into the half.


I draw this shape for the fit into my box.

Laser values for latex fabric.

60 watt epilog laser power speed
Light cut %10 %80
Cut %20 %50



I used MakerCase website to obtain my laser files.


The first box that I created was too bulky! Even the textile was hardly fitting to my box.



Make concrete

concerete 10x
water x

Mix them really fast.


The Results

Just an hour later ı received this result. I could not achieve any minimal surfaces. But still, ı have some results. :)