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E-textiles and wearables

I was following kobakant tutorial for the textile sensor. I chose the crochet pressure sensor

After a while, mi sensor looked like this:

Next I put velostat between the 2 parts:

Finally I did sew the 2 parts and took care that the contacts didn't touch to each other

7_img_9605.jpg 8_img_9606.jpg 9_img_9609.jpg

This is the final look of the pink sensor connected to the ATtiny45:


I tested the sensor with the LED and the ATtiny45 and here is a video

I connected the sensor to the ATtiny as suggested in the second part of the assignment, and started to sew ;-)

10_img_9612.jpg 11_img_9613.jpg 12_img_9614.jpg

I also did a textile battery holder and got the LED blinking


The last part I wanted to do is to connect the buzzer and change the sound with the pressure of the fingers over the sensor but I run off time