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 +====== Textile Academy Bootcamp: Joining Remotely ======
 +You can access all the Textile Academy Bootcamp content on this shared wiki.
 +Here some useful tips:
 +  * Make sure you review the list of [[:​sitemachineslist|materials]] and [[:​siteequipmentlist|equipment]] for local project development.
 +  * Check out the [[:​start|homepage]] for lectures, workshops, videos and live Q&A sessions.
 +  * The lectures will happen on our **YouTube live** ​ video channel, you will** find the video in each lecture'​s page**.
 +  * During the lecture you will be able to interact with the Tutor using the** embedded chat**.
 +  * During the **Q&A session** ​ the tutor will provide answers to all questions.
 +  * **Workshops** ​ will also happen on the **YouTube live** ​ video channel. The last part of the workshop will include a **review session** ​ where you will be able to **present your work **through Google Hangout or MCU #1, depending on the number of people participating.
 +  * During the whole event, you will be able to access the [[https://​textile-academy.slack.com|Textile Bootcamp Slack ]]channel and interact with other participants and the local audience and instructors.
 +  * All documentation and videos will be also available for later viewing and archived in this wiki.