Jam Day Lessons we learnt

Today is the day where everything we explored comes together!

We will work in groups and brainstorm to come up with inspiring project proposals combining all the knowledge we gained together in the past few days. This is the moment in which you can really explore and answer your questions as a group, pushing the boundaries and combining the possible applications towards alternatives for this field…the more you collaborate the further you will reach!

Unleash your creativity, team up and make it happen today!

For the online nodes there will be constant connection for Q&As and we will review all the projects between 19:00 and 20:00!

Meet our Mentors!

ALEX MURRAY-LESLIE Creative Director at YOMO/IED, Mobile World Congress Barcelona Yomo/IED, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona HEAD - Genève, Geneva School of Art and Design Alex Murray-Leslie is creative director and artist researcher in wearable technologies and co-founder of Chicks on Speed, an internationally renowned mixed media art collective.

Alex is currently creative director of YOMO/IED presents ECOcyborg, Wearable Technology Fashion performance at the 12th Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 2017 and is undertaking a PhD in the Faculty of Engineering and IT, Creativity and Cognition Studios, The University of Technology Sydney. She has been appointed curator of the worlds first wearable technology in fashion film screening, Diane Pernet presents ASVOFF 9, Paris, 20-23rd April, 2017. Past experience includes; Entertainment Manager at The 34th America's Cup World Series sporting event and as co-director of Diane Pernet´s A Shaded View on Fashion Film, Barcelona in 2013.

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ANNEMIE MAES Anne Marie Maes is an artist and a researcher. Her work incorporates sculpture, photography, video, installation and public participation. Her research practice combines art and science with a strong interest for DIY technologies. She works with a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including live organisms. Anne Marie Maes is the founding director of several non-profit art organizations as Looking Glass, So-on and Okno. She has for decades been a recognized leader pioneering art-science projects in Belgium, using highly original ways to bring out hidden structures in nature by constructing original technological methods to probe the living world and by translating that in artistic creations through sonification, visualization, sculptures, large-scale long-term installations, workshops, lectures and books. She has a strong international profile, having exhibited (amongst others) at Bozar in Brussels, Koç University Gallery in Istanbul, Borges Center in Buenos Aires, Bozar in Brussels, Arsenals Museum in Riga, Skolska Gallery in Prague, the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona, the Designmuseum in Mons and the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin.


ZOE ROMANO She lives in Milano and in 2014 founded a Makerspace and Fablab called WeMake, focused on fashion and design, training on rapid-prototyping design practices especially on projects with social impact. After spending several years in digital communication agencies, since 2011 she's been exploring the world of makers with a series of initiatives for the dissemination of open design and digital fabrication. She's been involved into media activism working on precarity, social production, material and immaterial labor in creative and service industries. She worked for Arduino as digital strategist from 2013 to 2017 and is currently on the board of Make in Italy CDB Foundation.

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ALI YERDEL Ali Yerdel is an Interior Architect who is an expert on new prototyping methods, parametrization and generative algorithms for architectural,spatial and user related applications and an experimentalist who is interested in robotic end effectors and machines to accumulate new fabrication methodologies. He finished his bachelor degree in Fine Arts faculty, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Bilkent University in Ankara 2010. After working for 2 years in Istanbul, he moved to Barcelona and finished his first masters degree at Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IAAC). In the studio “Digital Tectonics / Fabrication Ecologies Studio”. Their project earned Experimental Robotic Craft Award. In the project Stigmergic Fibers, he introduces KUKA robot, the modern techniques of applying age-old materials to create emergent morphologies that transcend traditional processes. Afterwards, he did a thesis project in IAAC / Open Thesis Fabrication on “Sonic Environment frequencies parametrization and digital fabric form works, Orchestra of frequencies”. Recently, he finished another masters degree in “Advanced Design and Digital Architecture”, Elisava, Universidad Pompeu Fabra. There, he developed a proliferated pneumatic system that can be controlled through digital inputs where it led to a project about kinetic motion through manipulation of inputs.