Textile Academy Bootcamp: Joining Remotely

You can access all the Textile Academy Bootcamp content on this shared wiki.

Here some useful tips:

  • Make sure you review the list of materials and equipment for local project development.
  • Check out the bootcamp homepage for lectures, workshops, videos and live Q&A sessions.

Keeping in touch

  • During the whole event, you will be able to access the Textile Bootcamp Slack channel and interact with other participants and the local audience and instructors.
  • At any time someone will monitor the slack channel so this is the right place to ask for support

Watching the lectures

  • The lectures will happen on a YouTube live video channel, you will find the video in each lecture's page.
  • During the lecture you will be able to interact with the Tutor using the embedded chat.
  • During the Q&A session the tutor will provide answers to all questions.
  • All documentation and videos will be also available for later viewing and archived in this wiki.
  • If you want to test the video quality, this is a sample

Joining workshops

  • Workshops will also happen on the YouTube live video channel and also recorded for later viewing.
  • The last part of the workshop will include a review session where you will be able to present your work through Google Hangout or MCU #1, depending on the number of people participating.

Connecting to the Hangout

For the review sessions we will use Google Hangout, make sure you have an hd webcam and an appropriate internet connection. We will connect and test the video 10 minutes before the beginning of the review session. If you want to be part of the review session please write us on the Slack channel.

Connecting to the MCU

We will use this option if the Hangout overflows (more than 10 people). To connect to the MCU the best client is Cisco Spark available for free after a registration. You can also use the Web version on the latest version of Firefox

When you have installed the client, click on the phone icon and call


You will be in the Fab Lab channel where we'll host the review.