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Designer|Maker|Tinkerer|Fresearcher & Director of Fab Lab Wgtn

About Fab Lab Wgtn

Nurturing resilience through hands-on experimentation and lifelong learning in global open design ecosystems, Fab Lab Wgtn is a digital fabrication laboratory equipped with accessible computer-controlled tools able to make almost anything.

Think of Fab Lab as an invention playground, an incubator of design ideas, a maker of possibilities, a creative ecosystem, and a place that gives anyone and everyone the technology to power their ideas.

Situated within the School of Design at Massey University's Creative Campus in Wellington, New Zealand, Fab Lab Wgtn hosts Fab Academy, has a DIYbio Lab and a range of expertise which includes textile & fashion design, industrial design, interaction & system design, alternative educational models, mycology and much, much more.

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