Bootcamp Paris 2017 - Shary Kock

I'm an information scientist with a background in human-centered multimedia, but currently working as an e-commerce stylist. For my bachelor thesis I did a conceptual design for a wearable system for musicians on the road and for my master I did research on textile parameters. Even though my studies is quite broad my interest keeps going towards wearables and fashion technology. I'm also very interested in how the arts can be combined with tech and science. In my free time I like to gain more practical experience through workshops as this was missing during my studies. At the moment I'm participating without a lab.

Day 1

Assignment : prototyping seamless patterns and interlocking


  • pen cutter
  • pencil
  • foam
  • ruler

Method: 2 pieces of colored foam: green and yellow, width 14.5 cm and 21 cm in length, Made 2 sets consisting of small pieces each 6 by 5cm and bigger pieces 8 by 5 cm After marking all the seams I used the pen cutter to slice all openings. The interlocking parts should be proportional, at the first attempt this was not the case and broke the pattern. It was an interesting experiment as it did not turn out as planned but still assembly was possible in other ways. Next step is to design the digital patterns, this approach was for prototyping.

Day 2

Assignment : 3d printing on fabric, laser engraving


  • digital design in Rhino or Inkscape
  • fabric
  • 3D filament

Method: Needs to be carried out at the Fab Lab.In the meantime I can work on the design in Inkscape. For the fabric I think of using mesh.

Day 3

Assignment : bioplastics & natural dyeing.


  • glycerine
  • gelatin powder
  • vinegar
  • water
  • cornstarch
  • milk
  • spirulina
  • hibiscus tea mix
  • baking soda
  • flowers
  • textiles
  • alum
  • glitters
  • molds
  • straws


For the first batch of bioplastics I used the recipe our tutors provided and made the one with the cornstarch. Here are some photos from preparation to results.

Day 4

Assignment : electronics & soft sensors


  • Arduino Circuit Playground
  • alligator clips
  • electric paint
  • lithium battery 3V
  • USB 2.0 cable


Day 5

Assignment : Ideation of future projects