Computational Design

With this assignment, we have to experience with the grasshopper and have 3d print it. I have two years of experience with 3D printing but ı've never used grasshopper before. I was really excited beginning with the assignment.

First of all, I wanna create random pyramids with grasshopper. I wanted to print pyramids at random heights but the certain rule.

I placed my four points in the coordinate system of the rhino.


And extruded with coordination system again.


And ı duplicated these shapes.


I created Item and Scale likewise ı can control every item size but ı couldn't reach out for a certain rule.


Basically ı followed this tutorial on youtube. But ı did not complete the whole tutorial because ı just wanted to obtain organic shapes.

1. Create a Rectangular frame from the rhino. — open grasshopper—create a CRV from grasshopper—- select the frame from rhino and connect with CRV command—right click on point select set one curve. It turns RED, everything is süper!!!—Then create Pop2D — Connect with crv— It turns GREEN —- Alles good. 8.jpg

I basically followed the tutorial at some point.


2. When the time is ready, type wbjoin, wbbloop,wbframe,wbthicken. Connect them from mesh points.

Wbloop; every level value represents the number of face introduction for each object.

Wbframe; you arrange distance between their node points.

Wbthicken; the thickness between two faces.

For 3D printing, It should be min. 2 mm


I wanted to make a neckless from these organic shapes. So ı measured my neckless ı need 55 Cm long material. But unfortunately, you cannot print more than 20×20 cm space. I actually wanna create chains to print at the same time. Connected chain. But also I couldn't find how to do that. I figured out that we can choose close mesh points from the model but it was too selecting more than one points at the same time.


Textile 3D printing

So when ı baked my followed tutorial. I printed on fabric with flexible PLA.


Tips and tricks Time! heart

To print white flexible PLA

  1. Put thin sewing machine oil in the extruder
  2. Speed of the machine 20 mm/sec
  3. Enable recreation
  4. Bed temperature first 90 C half of the turn off the bed temperature.



Jewelry for the man

Then I printed the same model in big sizes. I also used golden thread to connect them. I also had to chance with manually for the connections.

This time ı just used white pla.