Fabricademy 2017

Open Source Hardware: From fibers to fabric

Global Instructors: Mar Canet & Varvara Guljajeva

The class explores the open source hardware field in general and focuses on its potential in the area of textile. How to update obsolete machines for producing textile? How to take advantage of digital fabrication and open source technology to come up with an open source machine for knitting, weaving and invent new techniques.

This class focuses on the importance of the techniques, tools and machines that create traditional fabrics. The lecture will give an overview on the evolution of these tools and how these impact production and manufacturing, with the focus on hacking, both machines and tools, and creating open source accessible machinery for a broader public.

Program outline

  • Intro teachers
  • Techniques & history
  • Knitting
    • History
    • Knitting as first manufacturing home machine
  • Weaving
    • history
  • Machines
    • knitting machines
      • mechanical
      • electronic
      • digital / industrial
    • looms
      • mechanical
      • electronic
      • digital industrial
  • open source machines & hacking machines
    • knitic
    • circular knitic
    • open knit → kniterate
  • updating the industry with new tools, democratizing machines


  • Software: CAD / CAM


  • laser cutter
  • big milling machine
  • electronics setup

Lecture Notes

Slides PDF