Sophie Akhibi


About Me:

  • Age: 23 years
  • Study Program: International Business and Social Sciences (Bachelor degree)
  • Languages: German (native), English (C1), Spanish (B1)

My interests:

  • Volleyball
  • Traveling
  • Languages

My motivation:

I´m doing a dual study program which includes an employment in the banking sector. I really like it but sometimes I wish I could do something more tangible and to contribute in an end to end production. Furthermore, I want to participate in a project which is future oriented and deals with the challenges of today, especially in regard to sustainable usage of resources. I´m really excited and looking forward to be part of this international and interdisciplinary project.

I think one of the major chance and as well the major challenge is the internationality of this project. I hope communication will remain as good as it is already. Due to my study program my knowledge in subjects like biology or engineering is limited. I hope we will have the possibility to learn and to apply the knowledge which is needed to be successful in the project.

Weekly assignment