In my previous experience with the Fab Academy, I had to make a web site from scratch, for which I had zero previous knowledge, this is much easier as long as you remember to click on SAVE and BACK UP!!

I saw Fiore tutorial again and the video from Jason Wang of how to upload a picture and got going from there.

To see the final project page go to THIS link.

Lower on this same page is mi “first- final project idea”


With the Fab Academy I also learned a couple things to keep in mind for the final project:

1. Change the world in small steps: Everyone (of us, nerds) like to plan huge, amazing projects. But learning has a process that takes time, so I think that it´s better to start simple, not far away from your comfort zone and start building from there.

2. Use the assignments: Even if the idea for the final project is not so clear, try to focus the assignments in a way that can generate an advance or knowledge for the final project. Because even if are mistakes, you won´t be starting from zero for the final project.

One great thing of this program is that we have more time to plan our final project!


I kept thinking about something Anastasia said last week, about designing not for the perfect piece, but designing SYSTEMS with its TOOLS and MATERIALS

She said something like that:


So I started thinking of how to make it work in my case, and remember Livia Firth who said to ask yourself this before buying clothes:

“Everytime you shop, always think: Will I wear it a minimum of 30 times???


What if, we think fashion using that as a guide for the structure of the collection? How many outfits would you really need if you use everyone of them for AT LEAST 3O TIMES??

What if you can make a collection thinking in an specific person that will be using that clothes for a period of time that garantees at leas 30 uses, and at the end of this period some can still be use and the other can have a second life with some alterations.

I think the tools of the Lab will help developing the idea, thinking the idea of “Couture” to design for an specific person using tecnology, to make the proposal smarter and more responsable.


I give a class at Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas, UPC, that it´s call ” Trends and Innovation“ for that course I gave my students an assignment.

After sending them to watch documentaries like: “The true cost” “China Blue” and ” The Sweat Shop“

I took their pics as they walk in the class, from the front and back:


Then, we went outside of the class so they can draw themselves and draw what they were wearing, where they bought it? How much they paid? What material are they made of? How long have they had it?




Next they have to investigate everything they could about what they were wearing and going back as far as they could.

At the end, they had to write on the fb page of the companies were they bought their clothes, asking of their processes and what they found in their investigation as concer consumers.

So I think to follow a similar process but for a longer period of time.



I will use myself as the subject of my investigation, would take pics of everything I wear everyday.

And analize:

-How often I wash it?

- Why I pic that piece for that ocation?

- Where it comes from?

- What problems it presented ?

- How long have I had it?

- Where it came from?

- How much I paid for it?


Analize the data, with the finds of the process, I would be able to plan How many pieces one really need?

The idea is to star thinking not in a ussual fashion seasson, but thinking of when we really need to change clothes and prolonge the period as much as possible.


At the same time the investigation goes, I will be doing each week assignment trying to focus them to the final project.

For example, for digital bodies, I would like to make a maniquin of mysel so I can use it in the rest of the process.