For this week, we must think in SYSTEMS, how can we reinvent GARMENT CONSTRUCTIONS

I started playing with many different ideas on Ilustrator, then I cut them on the laser machine and started playing with them.

I cut some pieces in felt, the rigit fabric helped the modules to stay up, creating an interesting structure.


Next, I decided to try with denin fabric. I was focus on RE-WEAVING FABRIC.


So I designed modules that can be re-weaved.

Then, went to the laser machine and started playing with them.

After weaving, I started looking for more shape options for this RE-WEAVED fabric.

I found really interesting the drapping options it presented. Would like to try it with a lighter fabric later.

Because WASHING is a vital part of the denin fabric process, I decided to see what would happened if I wahing washed the weaved piece.

At first I panic, but then found that the fit is tighter after washing. Also, the piece starts behaving like a knined material, which presents a lot of new options.