For this week, we started learning about the possibilities of getting electronics as part of your body.

The options go from art pieces and performance artifacts to security gadgets.

This was my first time working with an RFID.

First step was soldering the pins to be able to begin the comunication process with the RFID TAGS.

The pins to solder were:

3.3 V








SEL0 (Set it in OFF)

SEL1 (Set it in ON)

I had some problems there, then with help of the other students here, found out that the problem was missing jumpers on the SEL 1, one in ON and anther one on OFF

Then conected it to the ARDUINO UNO

Adafruit has a library for this, the code for the security nail is pretty simple, The idea was that when the RFID TAG was read, it could identify the person, so for which most of the code could be earased.

What I needed was to upload the basic person information so the reader could send the signal to PRINT IN.

So, the code will say that wen the ISO14443A card be found, print my name, ID number and blood type.

The RFID TAG had to be on the nail. I decided to put it in the back so the sensor was not easily visible.

Working video !