Items used:

Glycerine | Agar Agar | Soda-pops | Carrots | Saucepan | Scraper


This is one of Banksy's works that I saw last August in the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. The image together with 'That Sugar Film' gave me an insight as to where to get the colours for my bioplastic, from the 'new nature' surrounding us everywhere.


Recipe Comments on Result:

3 teaspoons Agar Agar | 3 teaspoons Glycerine | 50 ml of your favourite soda-pop.

Put a small pan on a middle-low fire. Let the soda sizzle, without making it boil. Now add the 6 teaspoons and let it sizzle for about 4 to 5 minutes with regular stirring in between. When done, the mixture should be quite sticky, yet still liquid. Transfer the mixture into a small petri dish (or bowl) and let it dry in a room temperature space. This may take up to 3 or 4 days.

Recipe 2 Comments on Result:

3 teaspoons Agar Agar | 3 teaspoons Glycerine | 60 ml vegetable water.

Put the vegetable of your liking in the blender and add water till it becomes smooth. Next up boil the vegetables and mix till it becomes one smooth liquid. After this it is the same as the previous recipe. For detailed explanation, please look at the video on the homepage. Where I show in small steps how to make this recipe.

After two weeks: The Ice Tea, Redbull, Aquarius, Monster and Carrot worked. The others stay extremely sticky. It might have to do something with the drinks being carbonic or not, since the ones that weren't worked out better. I could also be the time of cooking, temperature, other unknown ingredients ect. though.

Monster Red was the great surprise turning into a semi-transparent beautiful rigid piece of bioplastic.