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 {{ :​fabricademy2017:​students:​brigitte.kock:​layer5.jpg |}} {{ :​fabricademy2017:​students:​brigitte.kock:​layer5.jpg |}}
-Here also something went wrong between the breadboard and soldering. I'm not too sure yet where exactly the problem lies. +All the electronics connected to the breadboard the system worked. Unfortunately ​something went wrong between the breadboard ​setup and soldering ​the same setup. I'm not too sure yet where exactly the problem lies, but the result is that the button doesn'​t work anymore.
 {{ :​fabricademy2017:​students:​brigitte.kock:​layer6.jpg |}} {{ :​fabricademy2017:​students:​brigitte.kock:​layer6.jpg |}}
 {{ :​fabricademy2017:​students:​brigitte.kock:​layer7.jpg |}} {{ :​fabricademy2017:​students:​brigitte.kock:​layer7.jpg |}}
-The latex has not entirely ​dried yetso I'll need to wait a bit longer to turn on the electronics +After the latex dried completely the result stayed the samethe button didn't work, the LED fortunately did work.