As an industrial engineer student, I’ve been able to appreciate how underdeveloped most of the industrial sectors are in Perú. Moreover, I am disappointed in how little we have innovated within these industries as a country. This is one of the reasons why I chose to take up technological innovation as a minor to my career. I want to be able to invent and implement ways in which we can all grow, not personally but all together as a whole. I chose to take the Fabricademy because of three major reasons.

  1. It combines most of the things I love: Innovation, Science, Technology, Textiles, Group-work, International relations and global collaboration towards a common goal, the betterment of the world.
  2. My university is seeking to implement a brand new textile lab and I wish to be a part of this process. I strongly believe that with the knowledge I will have acquired during these 13 weeks, I will be able to turn this textile lab into a major innovation center, that will generate projects and inventions which will help the rest of the world.
  3. Growing up in Perú, I have always been fascinated with the textiles produced by our ancestors, and the techniques that are now lost or ignored. I recently traveled to Chincheros, where I witnessed how artisans managed to produce some of the most beautiful textiles I have ever seen. The use of ancient techniques and natural dyes amazed me. I now want to learn new techniques, so that I can mix them with the ancient ones, producing something that is both beautiful and sustainable.

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What I expect from the Fabricademy is to be able to acquire skills and abilities, that will allow me to blend and intermingle everything I love about science and innovation, with everything I love about the textile industry of Perú. I want to be able to implement projects that are innovative, beautiful and socially responsible. I want to make friends from all around the world, with whom I’ll be able to share ideas and receive feedback. I want to be able to maintain this friendship so that we can all innovate together, and transition from the world we live in now, to the world we want.