Mainly because I joined the academy late, I haven’t thought through a specific idea, but I do have some basic sketches of possible final projects.

  • Smart T-shirt:

The idea for this project came up due to the ever-changing weather of Lima. I never know whether it’s gonna be hot or cold in the afternoon, regardless of the morning’s temperature. So, I thought it might be nice, to have a long sleeve t-shirt that could shrink its sleeves when it senses your body temperature has peaked, thus keeping you cool during hot days and warm during hot ones. I do not know the extent to which this is possible, but I thought of using soft robotics and soft sensors, as well as bacteria based fabric in order to fabricate my garment.

  • Smart Dome

This idea is one of my favorites because I feel it could improve the lives of many people. This year, Perú suffered from one of history’s worst “Niño phenomena”, and lots of citizens lost their houses, The dome will consist of two parts. The first one will be a laser cut structure made from MDF or wood, in a semi-spherical shape, using a regular hexagonal pattern. The second part will consist of a fabric that will serve as a tent. The tent will be manufactured in a way that it is able to sense and control inner temperature so that the dome can serve as a temporary refuge for those who have lost their houses,

  • Bracelet sensor

This wearable will serve as a health monitor. I plan to use it as a hormone measurer, to determine the stress, depression or anxiety levels of a person. This gadget will be connected to a home automated system that will aid reduce these stress levels, or depression levels.

Automated Hammock My final idea is an automated hammock. The fabric within the hammock will sense whenever a person lies in it. It will afterward start rocking with a pace that will be soothing, inducing profound sleep.