About me

Born and raised in Germany, I have spent the last 10 years studying and working in Shanghai and Barcelona. During this time I gained a deep inside into the fashion world organising events, creating marketing plans, launching digital campaigns and optimising user experiences for lifestyle clients.

What drives me and unleashes my passion, are the moments of discovery, seeing the results of my work and creating products that add value and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Thanks to the hands-on teaching approach during my Bachelor studies I had the opportunity to visit several factories in China and see the current production of fashion. In my Master’s thesis I wanted to research the human side of luxury businesses, crafting a business plan for an NGO verifying the promises of brands concerning their social and environmental impact.

Although my background lies in marketing I love working with creative teams exploring new technologies that shapes future products and their diffusion.

Now I am eager to tackle the future of fashion.

My weekly assignments I will publish at: https://medium.com/@CarolinVogler