Week 10: Implications and applications

As mentioned on my landing page, for my final project, I would like to create a wearable chest belt for people who have trouble with anxiety and controlling their breathing during anxiety provoking situations. I would like to include sensors that detect the breathing rate and when the rate increases and reaches a threshold - this would set off the inflation and deflation of the chest belt to simulate slow and deep breathing. The idea is that this contraction and expansion would guide the user into the same, slow and deep breathing - thus calming down the user.

Below, I have set out a persona of someone I envisage using my design, and below that, the customer journey that I imagine this persona taking when using my design. The presentations I gave in the early stages of my project process reinforce my points: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1au-l4RWecM&t=1s and https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lVwJusZ7rvxVY0PM9SrO0GtZSRek6hpr






To clarify how my concept incorporates generative design, the belt will automatically calibrate to the breathing of the current wearer - so it would adjust each time it is worn, by the same person or different people. The belt will also be adjustable with regards to size/length by using velcro to fasten around the chest to account for different sizes.