PLACE: Onl'Fait, Geneva
DATE: 2/11
PEOPLE: Cristina, Francesco, Giorgia, Luisa, Zoe


SOFTWARE: Rhinoceros 3D is a commercial 3D computer graphics and computer aided design (CAD). Grasshopper is an open source visual programming language that runs with Rhinoceros 3D. Grasshopper builds generative geometry by dragging components onto a canvas; data is passed from component to component via connections which connect an output with an input. Grasshoper has sevral plugs-in.

ISSUES: Rhinoceros is a commercial software and we therefore used the 30 days trial version. It is a pity that we are learning to use a software that we won't used in our Fab Lab.

NOTES: The Mac version of Grasshoper is not reliable and a PC was necessary for this lesson.

FILES: You can download the files here.


We started by adding a point on Rhinoceros and enable it in Grasshopper (to be added in the upper bar of Rhino). We played with simple components, such as:

  • lines (ln)
  • merge
  • move
  • items
  • multiplication
  • division
  • squares
  • circles
  • cones


Example 1: array of squares

Example 2: array of circles with growing diameter

Example 3: array of hexagons with growing sizes

Example 4: array of cones with growing surfaces and heights.