Week 5: E-textile & wearables I

(24/10/2017) ——> (22/11/2017)

This weeks assignment was involved in the project of the week 9: Wearables II

This was only considered fair since I have environmental engineering formation and already have quite a good background knowledge in Microcontroller, speacillyArduino boards used for environmental monitoring. Therefore I incorporated the skills and kwoledge required for the 5th week assignment in the 9th week one, Wearables II.

Please check link above:


untitled6.jpgInteractive glove for Blind-deaf disabled people.


INPUT: touch (connection with GND) —→ OUTPUT: Different phrases to each finger touch (4 options in total)

- Sparkfun Lilypad mp3 as microcontroller

- Special material: Conductive thread and textile and external power source 3.3V-5V.