Motivation, expectations and first ideas

I am highly motivated to participate in this project because it combines three, (to me) really interesting topics: fashion, technic and helping others! This project is integrated in an international context. Eventhough I study International Business and Social Sciences I never cooperated on an international level in the course of my studies before. Hence, I am really excited to do so. In addition, the FabLab offers the opportunity to create something 'real'. Since I am a dual student, studying and working in a bank, I never had the chance to physically touch, see or hold the results of my work in my hands, this will finally happen now during the project.

I expect to develop further analytical, technical and creative skills in this project. I expect from all participants, including myself of course, to show great team spirit and understanding for each other. I hope we are going to have a lot of fun together!

My first ideas include my personal life. I would love to create something that supports my grandmother in her everyday life. First, it would be interesting to have a sort of 'interview' with her to see which problems she has in her everyday life or what wishes for support she has. Second, there is already a topic that has been discussed. My family would like her to use a device that allows her to contacts a service in case of an emergency. She does not want this device. I think this is mainly because its unhandy and not fashionable at all - eventhough she sees the advantages of the device. It would be interesting to have a closer look at this device and to see if I could create adjustments or change it the way that my grandmother changes her mind about it. I am looking forward to create new ideas in the course of our lectures and tutorials.