3D Body Scan & Modeling

After that, we created a 3D body scan of my body with the Kinect, the program Skanect (trial version).

In order to scan my body, Oscar and the other guy (gotta find out his name) circumnavigated me as I stood still with my arms open like a cross, Oscar holding the kinect and the other guy holding my computer to click on the picture with Skanect.


Afterwords we saved the file in .stl and I downloaded a Mesh Mixer, a free 3D modeling program, to refine the mesh and close the holes. On Friday morning I managed to close all the holes in my 3D model and really enjoyed learning how to use Mesh Mixer. The learning curve is not very steep, at least for the work needed in only a couple hours. I watched a couple tutorials on Youtube to familiarize with the program, especially with the sculpt , analyze and transform commands. Here and here are the links to the two tutorials I used.