My goal as an artist and designer is to merge digital technology and traditional craftsmanship into soft wearable interfaces that enhance people's experiences, using a hands-on approach to design for human flourishing.

My vision stems from the belief that garments are one of the most important interface we humans have between our bodies and the external world. Like a second skin, Clothes are vehicles to store and communicate information about ourselves at all these levels: physical, emotional, socio-cultural, spiritual and even more..

I am interested in all the different opportunities for novel interactions and behaviors that are opening up with textile technologies, augmenting the space to communicate more about -and with- ourselves thanks to unobtrusive sensors and actuators.

At the same time, in an increasingly tech-oriented and globalized society, I am very keen bringing to the forefront the value of traditional crafts and techniques utilized by different cultures around the world, with their rich meaning and uniqueness, in order to re-colonize our style and empower local communities in bringing their heritage and skills to the forefront of innovation.