Week 1 : State of the Art, Project Management and Documentation

September 26, 2017

Today we got introduced to Fabricademy, the course objective and content/sturcture, and to the amazing faculty that will guide us through this journey. It was an exciting introduction to the upcoming months.

Initial Ideas for the Final Project

My initial inspirations follow a few different threads, which might or might not be interconnected:

1. I'm interested in merging traditional textile craft with smart textiles to create garments/accessories with an emerging memory of the local handcraft tradition. This memory can be expressed in a metaphoric or more literal sense through designs, techniques, materials.

2. I'm curious to follow-up on the work I did in Colorado with thermochromic ink and conductive yarn, adding a connection to natural phenomena as input for the interactions. I would like to create a garment that changes color or other physical properties by interacting with environmental data

3. I'm excited to delve deep into the concept of empathy and find a way to create a garment that can increase the wearer's awareness of the emotional state of her/himself and/or of the person that they are interacting with. The goal would be to increase connectedness and respectful interactions with oneself and/or with others.