My garment will interact with the anxiety.

But the question is which sensor is working with stress perfectly?

With help of my mentor Katia Vega, I started to research on the application of affective wearables.

According to study on Emotion Recognition from Physiology Via Wearable Computers;

“Different physiological signals were important in terms of recognizing different emotions. Our results show a relationship between galvanic skin response and frustration. When a participant was frustrated, her GSR increased. The difference in GSR values of the frustrated participants was higher than the differences in both heart rate and temperature values. Similarly, heart rate was more related to anger and fear. Heart rate value of a feared participant increased, whereas it decreased when the participant was angry”(1)

I chose to use Galvanic skin sensor. Galvanic skin sensor is the best sensor in case of fear or stress.

There are researches about galvanic skin sensors are indicating with stress.

According to Automatic Stress Recognition in Real-Life Settings research from MIT media lab;

“Stress-induced changes can be monitored with biosensors, and a particular focus is often placed on the sympathetic nervous system, which is designed to mobilize the body’s resources in response to a challenge or a threat. While most visceral organs are dually innervated by both the para- and sympathetic nervous systems, the eccrine sweat glands are thought to be solely controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. Thus, skin conductance sensors that measure eccrine sweat gland activity are often used to monitor sympathetic nervous system activity” (2)

Skin conductance is considered to be a function of the sweat gland activity and the skin's pore size.Galvanic Skin Response is a measure of the skin's conductance between two electrodes. Electrodes are small metal plates that apply a safe, imperceptibly tiny voltage across the skin. (3)

I obtain Galvanic skin response sensor. To figure it out; How galvanic skin sensor working on my body. In which part of my body, it can react more efficiently.

Because GSR sensor working individual's baseline skin conductance will vary for many reasons, including gender, diet, skin type and situation.

To run my sensor, I used these equipments;



Here are the link to buy;

GSR sensor

Base shield

Arduino Uno


Arduino and processing;

I used this source for visualizing my GSR data.


Open Arduino;

Use the code from following link. And run the Arduino7

Then Open Processing;

You have to upload three code;


2.keyboard input


You can just drag and drop to screen the files from the following link.

Click Run; Type your serial port number “COMX”

In that case; I have COM6


Here are my results;


679 is the value of not using sensor


Values are changing with the pressure. These two increse has just change with the pressure.


I kept my fingers in the same pressure; And think about all my projects that ı have to accomplished ;) These wawes increased when ı think about them.

Visuliaze with Arduino serial graphic;


424 is my zero value.


When I was talking it can be increase till 392.


In different body parts;

I could not use my finger sensor in different body parts. That's why ı changed my receptor pin Pin cables. Also, re-arrange my analog regulator.


Here is the video of in different body parts. When it's read data in my neck. With same range ı sensor cannot read data from my arm.