Implications and Application

My first idea of the final project was to create a wearable for disabled persons in wheelchair. This wearable would help then in case of an emergency, more specific in case of an accidental fall.

Then I heard Melissas idea of making a wearable for her grandma and I had the thought to use my first idea but personalized for an other group of people, since I’m living far from my family. So, my final project idea is to create a wearable for elderly persons which will help them in case of an emergency. This wearable will be able to detect a case of emergency and make a call for help to relatives of the person in need or in the worst case to the ambulance.

Persona exploration/Possible stakeholders:

Possible cases(examples) where the wearable is usefull :

Customers Journey



The first step is to detect the fall using an accelerometer. Calibrating the accelerometer and finding the right values to detect the fall.

Programming an ESP8266 to make a call.

After the fall is detected—- send a signal to the ESP—- ESP makes the call to relatives

Integrate the electronics made to an accessory.
Accessory will be designed according to the customers tastes like:
size etc

so that the person would feel more comfortable wearing it and more related. I would like to be able to fit the electronics in different types of accesories like bracelet, neacless, belt etc.

I did some research about existing products and here are some examples:



and one website: and other references:

Short general overview