About me:

Name: Philippa Giwa


Languages: English, German


I want to learn more about the field of materials and textiles. In this course I wanna learn how to create something that can be helpful to someone. I also want to use the knowledge learnt in this course to create something useful/ helpful for someone with disabilities.

Project Ideas:

- Assisting to avoid waist pain

- Tracking device for children

- …..

Week 1: State of mind / introduction

Week 2: Digital bodies

My initial idea was to scan my thigh, but the the IPad couldn't recognize it and rather recognized my buttocks so I stuck to it. After that I edited it with Meshmixer and exported it to slicer where I decided to print my my buttocks in interlocks slices to save sheets and have less parts. My next move was so export it to PDF so I would be able to open it on Illustrator.