Project: Environment Adapting Corgi Cloth (« still thinking a suitable name)

Basic Idea: An easily wearable corgi cloth/poncho that react to the horrible Vancouver winter weather to make taking the dog out less stressful.

Function Break Down:

-React to temperature and humidity>

1. loosen or tighten up the scale armor like (like pangolin) main layer to regulate body temperature and shielding corgi from rain. (Corgi takes forever to dry…… also have double layer fur, so dog rain coat are like oven for them)

2. or a expandable/retractable armadillo like rain poncho.

-Cloth lined with Light-Diffusing Fiber for night (4pm sunset in Vancouver winter.) or maybe paint the cloth with EL paint if the paint actually works on flexible material.

-Special ribbon leash with integrated Cloth function control.