“What I like most about the creative process is the moment when we gather a lot of ideas which sparks off other perspectives. Like when you cut images out of a magazine and put them together differently”
Fabricademy2017 - Julie Taris - Fablab Digiscope Node

I'm Julie Taris, I've been living in Sarcelles for the past 3 years.
I first studied graphic design in Bordeaux my hometown. Back then I created logos, flyers and posters for my friends.
An experience I had making phosphorescent sets for a concert made me realize how I enjoy manual work.

I Then worked during 4 years as a webdesigner for a french cosmetic brand, I was still able to work as a freelance graphic designer wich involved creating websites and posters for various international solidarity association, theater compagny, fairetrade collective group

In 2007, 4 friends and I created an association of international solidarity called “les petites libellules”
As well as participating to the creation of clothing and accessoiries, I conducted a 2 month workshop raising awarness about the cotton trade situation. Items were made thanks to recycling and textile manipulation technics.
We designed clothing prototypes which were partly made in Burkina Faso.
the clothes created enabled the association in participating in the organization of fairtrade shows. The Association ceased activity in 2011.

Since 2011, I've been collaborating as a textile designer with fashion designer Laura Watts, on our clothing / accessories / interior design brand Bonnie&Co. Some of our specialities are creating linocut prints which we use on fabric & leather and Holland wax fabrics inserted in our designs.

Before moving to Paris, I completed my webdesigner experience by following a web project manager course. My internship took place at the Digiscope Fablab in Paris Saclay - Université paris Sud.
I was acquainted with the fabmanager Romain Di Vozzo to whom I had expressed my desire to discover the fablab tools by expermimenting with textiles.

I soon found a job which meant that I couldn't finish my internship.

I worked as coordinator in web developers schools within the employment association field “social and solidarity economy”. The real challenges were : offering adapted new forms of pedagogy and the political issues related to the empowerment of the habitants.

As I want to return to textile creation in fablabs, Romain Di Vozzo told me about Fabricademy2017 node at Digiscope, Sadly, I started the course with one month later since I was still working
so I started the Fabricademy with a lot of delay and tried to keep up with it.

What strikes me as essential is re-appropiating our living space by enabling new forms of local production & exchange between citizens

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