Each student can use a different technique to make a prototype of a technical textile application

How will it be evaluated?

  • (Done) Documentation on webpage and physical prototype.
  • (Done) record the process and make a stop motion.

All the files created for this assignment can be downloaded by clicking on the link bellow:


For this assignment I decided to experiment with cement. So, I needed a structure that hold the cement and gave an specific pattern to it.

The pattern I wanted to form on cement was a voronoi pattern. And since it was easier for me to design at fusion 360, I downloaded a plugin for it called Voronoi Sketch Generator. Basically, I defined a Voronoi pattern of 15cm X 15cm and then started to design the structure components based on that size.

After that, I exported the sketch in a DXF file.

The firts thing I did was to find the kerf for the material I was using, So I designed a pattern for testing the kerf. And once I got the correct kerf I cutted the whole structure and assembled it

For giving a shape to the cement, I needed a textile that hold it on the structure, so I used nylon for it. and to hold the nylon to the structure I used some fasteners.

w7m11.jpg w7m12.jpg w7m13.jpg

Once I have the structure ready, I prepared the cement mix in the proportion specified on the cement pail, whixh was 22g of water per each 100g of cement. And then just poured the cement on the structure.

w7m14.jpg w7m15.jpg w7m16.jpg w7m17.jpg w7m18.jpg w7m19.jpg w7m19.jpg w7m20.jpg w7m21.jpg w7m22.jpg w7m23.jpg w7m24.jpg

After waiting some hours, the pattern was formed at the cement. So I retired part of the structure and then tried to retire the main holding piece with a jig; however, I almost lost a finger so I let it there and just cutted the nylon with a cutter.

w7m25.jpg w7m27.jpg w7m31.jpg w7m32.jpg w7m33.jpg w7m34.jpg w7m35.jpg


Resume of the process: