Stretched Textile Domo and LilyPad shield

For connecting the accelerometer to the Pillow, I want to use conductive thread.

It's very difficult to sew the acelerometer pins to the fabric, so, I decided to make my own acelerometer shield. After designing it in Eagle to get the Lilypads' pads, I run into Rhino to design the outline

After having the pngs, I ran mods to mill the PCB in the Modela MDX-20

Once the connector is attached to the shield, the next step is to figure out where are the traces going. I did use the magic needle to switch the conductive thread and be sure to top and sew by the reverse.

The complete structure is made of triangules. I did calculate the maximun size of the individual triangule that can be cut in our lasercutter (an Epilog mini), and then cut it. As the fabric is stretchable, it is much more easy to cut them with the lasercutter

With a cardboard pattern i fixed the triangles, and finally, sew them, putting an elastic band in the laterals of the triangules to allow fixing the poles

I used some fiberglass bars (yelow and black) to stretch the tent.

Here is a video of the mounting:

For the support of the feet. I designed (with the help of my friend Adrian) a Y-connector that I did sew to the fabric also. Once the feet where sewed to the fabric, I started to mount the tent, with Ana's help. For this, I started to constructed a 5 points curved start, from each 3D foot. And after this process I tensed the structure with ropes. Finally I could project the processing video in the interior of the dome.

I would love to make it bigger and make the videoprojection with a hemispherical mirror.