Week 1: State of the art, project management, documentation

Assignment for this week: Handbook

  • Build a personal site describing you, your final project and how you designed your website
  • Plan and sketch a potential semester project and add it to your website.
  • Upload it to the class archive


Has the student built his documentation website, is everything is clear and visible? Has the student drafted an outline/ideas for the final project?

If you are reading this, I have done my work smiley

We will use the wiki for the documentation. I followed this tutorial. It is easy to upload text, images and hyperlinks.

I have created my personal folder inside the wiki server:


One of the main things you have to know is that you need to upload your photos into your own directory (e.g mine is nuria.robles)

I tried to upload a .png image but I got an error, so I changed the extension of the image with GIMP.

At this point, I don't know how exactly I want to do for my final project. I would love to do something related to education for kids, specially for girls.

We have a beutiful group for girls in FabLab León called “Poderosas”, and it is nice to see how they are so different and so enthusiastic. Each of them loves the fablab thing, and each of them loves other things. So, with the aim of demonstrating that (Almost) everything can be developed in a FabLab, I want to make an educational project with “little parts” created by the “Poderosas”, where each one puts in her “love” for the other things.

Like ancient women were gathering around a quilting frame and made something special for a special person and becoming this fact as an important social occasion where they spoke about their problems, needs and interests, I want to make a large patchwork-mural where the girls add a “special tech-thing” e.g. sensors, music, etc which interacts with the global project.

descarga.jpeg images_2_.jpeg
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