Implications and applications

Individually create a Ultra-personalized product service systems (UPPSS) based on the project you want to develop further as your final project. Make sure that you explore how personalization can happen at more than one level. A customer journey map is expected to be presented the week after where the different levels of personalization are integrated in the design and use of the UPPSS presented.

- Personalization at a product level: digital material production

- Personalization at a systems level: generative design and fit

- Personalization at a service level: end user programing

Focused in a special need of our space…

FabLab Leon has a very cool gropu of girls called “Poderosas” (Powerfull girls in english)

In our meetings before the classes, they wanted to spend a “girls night” in the FabLab when they could do whatever they wanted (What is this??)

They wanted:

  • A private space where:
  • They can watch stars
  • They can play music
  • They can eat sweets
  • They can make things


As a first step, I thougth in a geodesic-portable Planetary. Here my researching began: some where inflatable, others built with bars…



And also there are evolutions, depending of the number of the triangles they are composed from






As a first prototype for testing the idea with the girls and get their feedback, I used a tent and a toy projector


And here is the link to the video of the presentation of the idea: