Week 13:Final Project Proposal

The first idea for my final project raised up when I was mentoring one supercool group of girls in FabLab Leon: Poderosas (AKA Powerful Girls) These girls explained that they want to spend more and more time in the FabLab. My first question was: “And what thing do you want to do in such a large time?” The answer was: “We want to have sleepover nights in a private space of the Fablab where we can watch films and stars. Maybe we can play music (one of them plays the Okarina), and, of course we want be makers”

Here is a video - summary of the idea of my final project:

It is a geodesic planetary made with digital fabrication and an smart pillow that interfaces with the planetary

Final Project Proposal Presentation (MidTerm Feb 8th)

Implications and applications

Individually create a Ultra-personalized product service systems (UPPSS) based on the project you want to develop further as your final project. Make sure that you explore how personalization can happen at more than one level. A customer journey map is expected to be presented the week after where the different levels of personalization are integrated in the design and use of the UPPSS presented.

- Personalization at a product level: digital material production

- Personalization at a systems level: generative design and fit

- Personalization at a service level: end user programing

I don' t like much the mobile inflatable planetarys. So, I decided to make one with digital fabrication . My first proposal is trying with triangles of composites, which are rigid and light.

0_inflatable-min.jpeg 0_inspiration_domo_int-min.jpeg


Another thing I wanted to do is to make the planetary interactive with the users

1_idea_poderosas_dibujo-min.jpg 1_step2_3-min.jpg








Final Project Presentation (Final March 27th)