Week 2 Digital Bodies

Use software to obtain a body-figure and a digital fabrication process to produce it (the production happens in groups of 3-4)

  • document use of a 3D scanner to acquire a model
  • document repair of 3D model mesh
  • experimented with the combination of milling, laser cutting, vacuum forming and composites
  • built your own mannequin
  • include all the files in the documentation

For the scanning, I used the Sense scanner. I decided to scan my torso and my head, so I can put some garments on the head like hats, crowns ;)

First choose Person, then head…

This is my scan with Sense, and could downloaded with .ply extension and save all the colors.

Once my torso was scanned, I imported the .stl file into Slicer for Fusion 360. But I noticed that it is a very huge file, so, I reduced it with Meshmixer

After exporting a new ligther stl, i Imported it from Slicer for fusion 360 and adjust the settings as Size of the machine, width os the material and construction technique, I selected the interlocked slices for the manequin

After generating the patterns, you can download to .EPS, .PDF or .DXF . I downloaded then in .DXG with the following settings:

And finally, proceeded to the building of the manequin:

Group Project

As part of the group project, we decided to make Troy's Manequin using polypropilene as material. The design file was adapted and can be downloaded here.