Week 3:Circular, Open Source Fashion

Download Takehiro Ando Cuma Files

Download Model2 Files

Download Model3 Files


The students will have to design and fabricate a modular reconfigurable system or seamless garments. The soft connection can be designed to be implemented in the assembly of a garment, being applied on the seams or it can be designed as single elements that act as construction parts of a garment.

The whole process needs to be documented on the personal webpage.

Their task is to upload their open source file, accompanied by a manual of materials and a tutorial of how to make it and track its life throughout the whole course. Keep metrics of it while the duration of the course, use social media to share and track its spreading,.

How will it be evaluated?

document how soft interlocking connection has been designed and fabricated how the connection either creates a full garment or has been applied to the seams show that the connection is well designed and holds the pull/stretch of a garment include all downloadable files in your documentation

For this assignment I decided to make a curtain for one if the FabLab's windows.

When I saw TAKEHIRO ANDO' work I only saw pixels, so, this is what I did: The first thing I did was to trace the silhouette of the “pixels”, the design can be downloaded here

I also played with other ideas:

I wanted to make a curtain with the FabLabs logo so, I downloaded FabLab's Logo, open in Oknitme… and Do the magic!

After getting the design, the “cuma-pixels” and a lot of work….

pixel_cortina1_1.jpg pixel_cortina_2_1.jpg pixel_cortina_3.jpg
pixel_cortina_4.jpg pixel_cortina_5.jpg

It is so cute that we decide to mount it in a wood room divider and use it as a photocall.