Textile as Scaffold

Download wooden pattern


The assignment for this week is to make a prototype of a technical textile application using one or more different technique:

  • Composites and biocomposites
  • Crystallization
  • Fabric formwork
  • Concrete or Plaster Casting
  • Wood + Textile Composite

And the materials needed are:

  • Bio Resin and Resin Borax,
  • Rochelle salt, Potasium sodium, Epsom Salt, Sugar,
  • Concrete and Plaster
  • Veneer Wood Fabric White Glue Vacuum bags or vacuum machine

How will it be evaluated?

-Documentation on webpage and physical prototype. -Record the process and make a stop motion.


As I did FabAcademy program in the past, I have made different composites. I used vacuum bagging. First, I designed a simple 3D model, then milled it in the shopbot in polyestirene. For the fabric, I used linen and entropy resin

Here is an scheme of the process

After the whole night into the vacuum bagging the piece is very rigid.

Wood+Textile Composite

This is the first technique I decided to work with. First I took balsa wood and did glue it over denim fabric

Then, I played with cherry veneer and a red fabric, glued together using vacuum bags video

I love the mixture between wood and fabric, so I decided to test other wood sheets like this one of cherrywood


I choose the table salt recipe and got a very poor experiment. Also did try with sugar but the result was a bid candy-glass :(


I did let a piece if denim a salted solution during the whole night. In the morning, the fabric looked like brilliant cardboard. I watched the result with a microscope to see if there were crystals formed.

Microscope Crystals on denim fabric

Stop Motion