do-not-disturb-mom.jpgWhen ı'am working on an something with my computer, ı do not want to be disturbed by other people. I decided to design a pouldron. Because ı am mostly disturbing by my shoulders.


I wanted to design a structure more likely to has got 3D volume. And when you look at it should be disturbing!!!

Undesired to touch.


As my modular design, I inspired from cubic loop patterns. It also has 3D illusion effect which dazzling to look at.


First, ı sketched my idea and think about how to add each other. if we think about circular order it continues male to female joints which follow each other in an eternal loop.

I also added extra holes in the center which allow me to add more modular structure into each other. If we think drawing 2D ıt is a hexagon but with a light cut details from 3 corner ıt's can have 3D volume.


So, when I started to draw from Rhino, ı created two layers, which is a light cut (Red) and cut (Blue). I put a light cut layer to bend the fabric through to gain volume to the fabric. My holes are 30 mm, but I draw my male part 2 mm more for not to loose the fabric. And 40 mm is the head of the male jointMy holes are 30 mm but ı used 2 mm tolerance for the male part not to loose the fabric and stability. But the head of my male joint is 40 mm. Than ı draw my shoulder size for calculated that how many modular that ı need. And ı realize it ı draw really big that not fit the idea in my mind. I scaled my modules. ı placed my modules into my shoulder mold. And counted that how many modules that ı need for lazer cutter.



First off all, ı used three different material, it is going trought soft to legit. When ı started to cut the materials ı quickly assembly got really exited and forget to take pictures in the first times. oops! First ı study on my mold and than ı grew my material working on my body. img_5050.jpgimg_5052.jpgimg_5068.jpgimg_5073.jpg

Than ı added one more material which is tougher to make more 3D.


Lazer Cutting

Cutting Settings

Material Speed Power
1. Felt %80 %20
2.Viscose %40 %30
3. Polypropylen Black 1 mm %10 %75
4. Polypropylen Transparent 1 mm %10 %80

Light Cutting Setting

Material Speed Power
1. Felt %80 %5
2. Viscose %80 %30
3. Polypropylen Black 1 mm %50 %30
4. Polypropylen Transparent 1 mm %50 %30

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