My garment will work with inflatables.

After many research on the design of my garment, when ı decided to final structure ı started working inflatables.


ı wanna make a system with inflatables. My input is working under stress. İn case of stress, the wearable will be inflated.

I used two dc motors; one for inflating the other for deflating.


Arduino code;

const int analogInPin = A0; Analog input pin that the Galvanic skin sensor is attached to

const int analogOutPin = 3;
Analog output pin that the First DC Motor is attached to

const int analogOutPinVac = 5; Analog output pin that the Second DC motor to

int sensorValue = 0;
value read from the pot
int outputValue = 0; value output to the PWM (analog out)

void setup() {

initialize serial communications at 9600 bps:

void loop() {
read the analog in value:
sensorValue = analogRead(analogInPin);

map it to the range of the analog out:
outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0,70, 0, 255);
change the analog out value:
analogWrite(analogOutPin, outputValue);

print the results to the Serial Monitor:
Serial.print(“sensor = ”);
Serial.print(“\t output = ”);

wait 2 milliseconds before the next loop for the analog-to-digital
converter to settle after the last reading:

I Found a setup on the internet to work my DC motor with MOSFET. Because in the internet is recomending to use PN2222 Transistor .

But this transistor working only 200 amper DC motors. My DC motor is using 430 amper.