Skin Electronics

The idea was to create a mask with electronic in adequation with the lesson of skin electronics.

This assignement was made in group and each one were working on different proposition of masks.

We started to use GEMMA with 5 Neopixel each and try some code to play with the lights and colors.

know a little bit more about Neo pixel here.


First Step :

pour the latex on a surface with the form of the face. (plastic white mask)

I apply fabric and add a second layer of latex to give the shape I wanted to create.

I connect the NeoPixels following the lines, from the top center, then between the eyes and to each side.

for this I connected the second Neopixel to the third and fourth dividing the circuit.

I used a copper thread but we realized that this one has a high resistance if it's not burn.


connecting Gemma to the circuit, just the first two neoPixel were working. Sometimes nothing, or three LEDs.

the connection were made enrolling the thread around the holes of gemma and Neopixels, the circuit didn't work properly.

I try to sold all the connections, it was better but still not working perfectly.


I should have used the copper foil and cut it with the vinyl cutter to give the shape.