Final Presentation

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Tittle :

The music vibration translated in material emotion.

try to reproduce the feeling of the music on the skin through the textile.


Idea :

The idea came when I met a deaf women in a music event. She was explaining that she could feel the vibration of the music trough her body, her heart.

I don't especially want to create a cloth for deaf people but to turn it as a performance with music artists.

With Experimental, electronic music to have the intensity of the bass and the soft of the acute.


Sensations :

- Vibrations

- Heat or/and cold

- Impulses to create goose bumps


Product :

As a state of trial, I was imagining an experimental dress part of a collection.

As a commercial product, if the experiment works, create a body-hugging suit to be able to feel the music even in a quiet place were the music can't be loud.


Interactions :

- The garment will interact with the external sound waves.

- It could also interact with the music coming from an external channel (phone, computer etc) plugged directly into clothing.

Similar Project :

Actually, a lab from london, Cute circuit, did already this experimentation in collaboration with an orchestra from Germany.


Inspiring Projects :

- Vibrating jacket for deaf people

- Headphone / Silent Party clubbing experiment

- A goosebump sensor reads the emotions / Read more here.

- heat/cool temperature control jacket

Possible Collaborations :

music artists

Cute Circuit (if possible)