Week 1

  • look at the tutorials for week 1 and 2D to 3D tutorials
  • download the following softwares
    • 360 Fusion, MakeHuman, Rhino, Grasshoper
  • Brainstorm ideas for main project:
    • Ideas include: for food, supporting daily utensils, microbial-killing clothing, awareness of material waste, resource waste, water hygiene, cheaper production of raw materials , materials for biomedical devices from natural resource, Retractable neck cover, posture, integrating electronics in fibre, user experience of simple practices (brush teeth to prevent more severe illness), looking at pains, and how to put pressure on them (agupuncture).
  • More focused and specific topics:
    • incorporating electronics in fibres, in order to measure medical data, or a anti-microbial textiles for easy to prevent illnesses or production processes with cheap, and easy to make (from natural resources