Bioplastic Wrap : I want to create a bioplastic that can be processed into a small plastic bag

My final project will be to create a bioplastic that I will be able to process into a product, such as a small bag, using already established machines, such as laser cutting.

Waste is such a big problem in our world, with many people and animals being affected that do not create the waste. Especially with plastic waste. One key area is plastic packaging, looking at shopper bags in specific.

I want to create a bioplastic, and be able to apply it through processing and manufacturing, to create a product, namely a plastic wrap.

The main limitation for commercialisation is the cost, which has to be as low as possible. And this is definitely going to be at the forefront of my mind.

The main tasks which I have are (I have put them in the chronological order):

  1. Literature has to be read, to get an idea of the materials and what has already been done
  2. Experimentation with the materials needs to be accomplished, with different concentrations
    1. The materials are starch and glycerine to begin with, but depending on what my properties are, I will tailor these materials in order to tailor the properties. This understanding, of how the structure and composition of the material affects the property, is something that Iā€™m really excited to play around with.
  3. Try to create a thin film with the bioplastic ā€‹ā€‹
    1. I will be able to then test my finalized product with different machines, to be able to see its strength, elasticity, and how much it will be able to carry.
  4. Try to apply with the laser cutter, for example


PRODUCT:  Create the bioplastic
MACHINABLE: Be able to process it into a small plastic bag
PERFORMANCE: Have enough mechanical properties

Inspiration: BIOTECH, starch pellets that created a biodegradable bag

I am really excited to start it, and to see how the final product will turn out.

The documentatoion for the project is here: