Carnival Mask

For this assignment, I decided to do carnival mask. The first ı wanted to aim to make a bunny mask.

With fusion 360 slicer extension. First ı edited on the mesh mixer clean the inner parts of the mask.

Then ı edited on the slicer extension.


Then ı cut with the laser cutter.


But in the and the mask was too big for to be a paper mask. I couldn't hold them together.


Then ı just made a Carnival mask with neopixels. I started with a sketch. Then ı took picture of my sketch and copied from Autocad.


I used the same paper that used for my digital body assignment. I cut the paper with laser cutter. So I used the same setting like ı used in my fist assignment.

I really like to use 200 gr paper with laser cutter. You cannot see any burn pace in the material.




please watch the youtube video for how it's worked.

Programing Neo Pixels

After soldering connections with neo pixels, ı embodied information into my ATtiny 45.

please visit this site to programmed your ATtiny

Please visit this site to reached out your arduino ide code.