Research question

How to integrate heritage and new technologies in Arpilleras (traditional Chilean textile technique) to support the underlaying/main message, together with other people?


The Arpillera is a textile technique characterize by using potato sacs as the base fabric. It was born as a way of political expression create by women to confront the violence and fear that result from the Augusto Pinochet military dictatorship in Chile (1973 to 1990). Today, is still use to communicate issues related to Chilean and Latin culture, like violence against women and rights of the minorities.

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- Potentiate the communicative character of textiles / New layers of information

- Put in value to traditional techniques from a “modern” point of view / Electronics

- Add value to the message by making it more interactive and close to people / Interactive textiles

- Create new ways to work with electronics in a soft support / Embedded soft electronics

- Transfer the knowledge about soft electronics to new communities / Workshops and archive

- Work in a collaborative way with the people involve / Workshops

- Showcase the results about the project in a open way / Exhibition and text

Key words

- Heritage

- Collaboration

- Soft electronics

- Interactive textiles

- Communication

- Traditional techniques


- Main piece of Arpillera with soft electronics integrated, to be show case on an interactive and open exposition

- Methodology for collaborative workshops

- Archive of soft electronics examples

- Text

Costumer journey

- In this case, my customer are the institutions where I can do the series of workshops with the artisans and designers. It has an educational and cultural focus. The results will be shown as an exhibition in different museum and institutions, accompanied by small workshops and talks about the subject of nex technologies and traditional techiniques.


-Amor Muñoz

- Joanna Berzowska

- Jie Qi