For Biomaterial I again worked in a group with Laura & Natalia. We decided to work with the “Gelatine / Glycerine flexible“ receipt.
The receipt asked for:

1g Gelatin (powder)
50ml of 1% Glycerine
25ml Water (which we unfortunately for some reason forget to add)

Preparing the Bioplastic
We heated up the gelatin and the glycerine and stir until the gelatin completely dissolved.
I the meanwhile, we sprayed the petri dishes with a release spray which would help to remove the bioplastics from the petri dishes.

We added four different ingredient to see how our Biofabrics would behave with it.
We used:

Petri dish 1 - Original
Petri dish 2 - Food colour (1/2 teaspoon)
Petri dish 3 - Natural dye (1/2 teasapoon)
Petri dish 4 - Piece of virgin wool

From left to right: original, piece of virgin wool, food color (1/2 teaspoon), natural dye (1/2 teaspoon)


We closed the Petri dishes.
After five days of drying the fabrics got very tough/ sticky but unfortunately were still a bit liquid. Maybe the drying process was too short, the water was missing or the gelatin proportion was to low.
But all ingredients/ material interact very well with it.