Skin electrics

For this assignment, I decided to create a Batman mask. With the help of Rhino I designed this mask and printed it in the laser cutter.
For bottom layer I used felt. Because the felt has a laser-cut defect I made a second layer with a partial eye mask out of imitation leather.


img_7369.jpg img_7370.jpg

Laser Cutter settings: Speed, Power, Frequency
Felt = 20%, 15%,16%
Imitation leather = 20%, 9%, 16%

As a light source, I worked with Neopixel which I decided to connect with cables which I soldered to the Neopixel. Cables are very reliable in contrast to conductive ink but a little bit tricky to hide behind the mask.
I used an ATTiny 85 which we programmed with the Arduino as ISP programmer using the Adafruit Neopixel sketch. Once programmed, I connected the ATTiny with the Neopixel.
Because the ATTiny only works with a battery I also had to connect a battery holder which is able to carry two 3Volt button cells.

img_7989_1.jpg img_7988.jpg

For the Neopixel I made little holes in the mask using a hole plier. Unfortunately, the Neopixel would not stay completely in place so I also taped them to the mask.


Little video of the finished mask: